The Famous Turkish Cookery

Yazar : Tuncay Yurtsever
Dil : İngilizce
Sayfa Sayısı : 149
Ölçü : 16 x 23,5 cm
Yayınevi : Minyatür Yayınları

What a delightful experience it is for a visitor to Turkey, when he first sets his eyes on a fully garnished table. He might well imagine himself to be at a Sultan's banquet!
What he would see is a table arrayed with a fantastic variety of dishes - eggplant purée, lambs' brain, white cheese, cold beans in sauce, deep fried shell fish and a host of others.
One notable variety are the. "Zeytinyağlılar"- dishes cooked with olive oil. These include vine leaves or cabbage leaves stuffed with spiced rice, ried eggplant or squash and "börek”. This last specialty Is thin sheets of pastry dough stuffed with meat or cheese and then fried or baked in the oven.
Of course you will find famous Turkish yoghurt on your table and you will be amazed at its thick, creamy richness. It can be found topping a dish of fried eggplant or green peppers or as "cacık" which is whipped yoghurt with garlic, oil and cucumber and eaten with a spoon. Have you already had enough? These "meze”, as Turkish hors-d'oeuvre are called, are so plentiful, rich and tasty that it’s not unusual for one to make an entire meal of them! After leisurely eating your'"meze" you will have the pleasure of tasting perfectly fresh fish or shell fish, that is if you don’t prefer some tantalizing broiled meat such as "şiş kebab" a tangy stew, or meat grilled in a wrapping of oiled paper. There is “dbner kebab", as well, which is a roll of lamb meat on a vertical skewer turning parallel to a hot grill. Some meat dishes are prepared with vegetables such as "Karnı Yarik" ground meat grilled in a hollowed eggplant.
Notice how the eggplant is used in a large variety of dishes. It can be cooked with onions and then served cold. (Turkish: İmam-Bayıldı) or fried and served topped v/ith yoghurt or tomato sauce in a salad or served hot with roast lamb. A delicious Turkish specialty is "Pilâv" a rice dish which is difficult for the inexperienced cook to prepare. It’s always popular because it "sticks to the body" and Is staple dish for the Turks as spaghetti is for the Italians.
A Turkish meal does not have a cheese service because cheese can be found throughout the meal in various forms. Among the "meze" it is served in simple slices, as filling for "börek" or mixed with ground meat to make juicy Turkish meat balls or “köfte” as thoy are called, You"ll also ootice that cheese is an ingredient in a number of "kadayıf" deserts.


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