Typical Commercial Buildings of The Ottoman Classical Perod

Yazar : Prof. Mustafa Cezar
Yayın Tarihi : 1988
Dil : İngilizce
Sayfa Sayısı : 315
Ölçü : 21 x 28 cm
Yayınevi : T. İş Bankası Kültür

Man's most beautiful and impressive edifices were created in the domain of religious architecture until about 150 or 200 years before our time, and it is for this reason that chapters on religious buildings in the art histories of many societies are the bulkiest among their pages. Works dealing with the history of urban development also devote some space to religious buildings although it is not so extensive as in the works of art history and the approach is somewhat different. Because religious buildings in cities, particularly some outstanding ones among them, have contributed substantially to the shaping of their shaping of their features. They were not, of course, the only types of buildings to influence the texture of cities, but as manifestations of concentrated human knowledge and effort different from mere architectural skill, they occupy special significance in the shaping of our cities. In many societies palaces follow religious buildings as far as their elaborate architectural characteristics are concerned. As palaces are often confined to state capitals and important cities and are not as numerous and widely distributed as religious buildings their significance from the point of view of urban development is, of course, rather limited. Large and impressive palaces are found both in European and oriental countries. Among the Islamic countries the Turks attract attention with the modest dimensions of their palaces. The trend of building stately palaces in Turkey coincided with the period of westernization in the 19th century, and was of rather short duration... It is interesting that in Turkish architecture religious buildings are followed by commercial buildings (han's) not from the point of view of their artistic merits but in their dimensions. Some of them surpass even the largest of the mosques in the size of the area they cover. The Turks built large hans and caravanserais with social and commercial functions along major highways linking important cities, and hans in cities with mainly commercial functions.
******Prof. Mustafa Cezar

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