Turkey Hotel Guide 89

Yazar : Ferit Epikmen
Yayın Tarihi : 1989
Dil : İngilizce
Sayfa Sayısı : 370
Ölçü : 13,5 x 19,5 cm
Yayınevi : Türsab

Tourism in Turkey is a rapidly expanding sector~. In 1988 over 4 million tourists visited Turkey and the country's tourism revenues tipped the scales at 2.5 billion dollars. Turkey is on the tourism wrap at last, and it is hoped that interest will maintain this rising trend. One of the fundamental prerequisites for stable development is without doubt to increase the number and quality of bed is available for tourism. Recent years have brought a tangible improvement in this respect, with a 20%-30% expansion in accommodation annually. Meanwhile existing hotels have kept apace of the market with innovations and improvements. Hotel Guide '89 was prepared to provide in easily available form, essential information about Turkey's touristic hotels. Henceforward, TÜRSAB (Union of Turkish Travel Agencies) will publish this guide on an annual basis, as a crucial source of up-to-date information for not only its own members, but also overseas travel agencies and tour operators marketing holidays in Turkey. Hotel Guide '89 is the first comprehensive publication of its kind, and in future years we are confident of filing in any commissions which may have escaped notice in this first edition. Hotel Guide '89 only lists hotels licensed by the Ministry of Tourism or awarded the TÜRSAB R Emblem, which altogether number nearly one thousand. The guide excludes hotels licensed by municipalities, which provide at least as many bed s again to the tourism sector, and TÜRSAB plans to produce a further guide to these hotels. I hope that Hotel Guide '89 will be of benefit to all users, and make a contribution to Turkish tourism.