The Collected Papers of Cahit Arf

Yazar :
Yayın Tarihi : 1981
Dil : Türkçe
Sayfa Sayısı : 422
Ölçü : 16,5 x 23,5 cm
Bahsi Geçen : Cahit Arf

Cahit Arf was born in 1910 in Thessaloniki which was then a part of the Ottoman Empire. With the outbreak of the Balkan wars in 1912, hi~ family migrated to Istanbul. In 1919 they went to Ankara, came back to Istanbul for a short period and finally settled in İzmir. Professor Arf recollects that his interest in mathematics was aroused during his school years in İzmir. Cahit Arf confirmed his education in Paris and graduated from Ecole Normale Superieure. Returning to İstanbul, he taught at the Galatasaray Lycee briefly and joined the Mathematics Department of İstanbul University. In 1937 Cahit Arf went to Göttingen for his doctorate which he completed in 1938. His supervisor was H. Hasse. Cahit Arf returned to İstanbul University where he worked until 1962. During this period he spent one year as a visiting professor at the University of Maryland and was elected a corresponding member of the Mainz Academy. In 1963 he taught at Robert College in Istanbul. Between 1964 and 1966, Professor Arf was at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton. After visiting University of California, Berkeley for one year, he returned to Turkey in 1967 and joined the Middle East Technical University in Ankara. In 1980 he retired and lives now in Istanbul. Professor Arf played a prominent role in establishing the Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey and served as its president for many years. From 1985 until 1989 he was the president of the Turkish Mathematical Society. Professor Arf received numerous awards and prizes for his contributions to mathematics and for his most distinguished career, among them the title doctor honoris causa from the Black Sea Technical University, Middle East Technical University and İstanbul Technical University. Professor Arf has contributed to the education of many of the present day mathematicians in Turkey, not only by his lectures but also through illuminating discussions in conferences and seminars…