Essays on the Bosphorus

Yazar : Gökhan Akçura, Sıtkı Kösemen
İsbn : 9757355011
Yayın Tarihi : 1993
Dil : İngilizce
Sayfa Sayısı : 176
Ölçü : 24 x 32 cm
Yayınevi : Aktif Finans Factoring

There are a good number of studies written about the Bosphorus. Chief among these are books about particular districts. In particular Çelik Gülersoy, a lover of Istanbul, has penned books about such districts as Göksu, Küçüksu, Çamlıca, Çırağan Dolmabahçe and Çubuklu, writing either about each district as a whole or focusing on a particular building that characterizes a district. Gülersoy's work about the Bosphorus goes beyond this. When studying the boats, or looking at the Tower of Leander, he presents the reader with a detailed view typical of the Bosphorus. Cabir Vada's book on Kanlıca, Cahit Kayra's on Bebek, M. Celalettin Atasoy's on Kandilli and Mehmet Solmaz's on Üsküdar are other noteworthy studies of particular districts. We also have Cengiz Bektaş's work on Kuzguncuk, impressive though it is only an article: and Rebii Baraz's "Beylerbeyi Encyclopedia", as yet unpublished. There aren't really any books which look at the Bosphorus as a whole. Şirketi Hayriye's Boğaziçi Salnamesi [The Bosphorus Annual] does contain encyclopedic information, but it was published as long ago as 1914. Ihtifalci Mehmet Ziya's Istanbul ve Boğaziçi [Istanbul and the Bosphorus], though subtitled "The Legacy of the Byzantine and Ottoman Civilizations", was never completed and covered only the Byzantine era. Unfortunately, the likes of Prof. Dr. Semavi Eyice's detailed study of the Bosphorus in Byzantine days have never been done for later periods. Boğaziçi'ne Dair [About the Bosphorus], which brings together Haluk Y. Şehsuvaroğlu's newspaper and magazine articles remains unrivalled to this day. Cahit Kayra and Erol Üyepazarcı's book, based on Bostancıbaşı Registers, tells us only about the Bosphorus in the age of Sultan Mahmud II. Historic buildings on the Bosphorus, on the other hand, have been luckier. In addition to Perihan Balcı's and Gürol Sözen's books on seaside villas, the first volume of Orhan Erdener's inventory has also been published. Sedat Hakkı Eldem's book on the Bosphorus gives us a photographic record of the seaside villas.......
******Gökhan Akçura, Sıtkı Kösemen